“Non Arrivals”

The four Friendship convicts who did not survive the journey were Jane Brown and Martha Thatcher – both tried at Middlesex,  Ann Beal – tried at Northampton, and Sarah Blower – tried at Warwick.

A little information has been found for the unfortunate Jane Brown. Her plight is reflected in petitions she sent to the Bank of England authorities prior to the Friendship’s departure, and the circumstances of her untimely end were reported in both the colonial and ‘home’ newspapers.

Martha Thatcher boarded the Friendship with three children who apparently all arrived safely at Port Jackson. It is possible that research on the colonial life of one of these children has revealed some further clues about Martha and her family.

At this stage practically nothing is known about Ann Beal, and not much more about Sarah Blower.


Jane Brown

Date of Trial: 18 September 1816
Where Tried: Middlesex Gaol Delivery
Crime: Having in possession forged bank notes
Sentence: 14 years
Surgeon’s Remarks: A most insolent and mutinous prostitute. “Drowned”

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Martha Thatcher

Date of Trial: 16 April 1817
Where Tried: Middlesex Gaol Delivery
Crime: Having forged bank notes
Sentence: 14 years
Surgeon’s Remarks: Quiet woman. Dead

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Ann Beal

Date of Trial: 17 July 1816
Where Tried: Northampton, Liberty of Peterborough Quarter Session Oyer and Terminal Gaol
Crime: Uttering forged notes
Sentence: 14 years
Surgeon’s Remarks: Prostitute regardless of remonstrance. “Dead”

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Sarah Blower

Date of Trial: 1 April 1817
Where Tried: Warwick Assizes
Crime: Larceny
Sentence: 7 years
Surgeon’s Remarks: Quiet. Dead

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